Whale / Dolphin Watch

Dolphin Watching

Take a small group for a cruise around the harbour and watch the bottlenosed dolphins play right next to the boat. Watch and photograph them as they catch a ride and leap on the bow wave, coming close enough to wonder who's watching who?



Whale Watching

Photograph the whales as they breach the waters surface to take a much needed breath of air as they pass by the port starting from mid-August on their long annual migration from their Antarctic feeding grounds to the north coast of Queensland to give birth in the tropics before returning to Antarctica with their calves ending their long migration period at the end of November.


Offshore and Harbour Cruises.

Take a leisurely cruise around the harbour enjoying the
many beautiful sites of Port Stephens. Or for something a little different, venture out of the bay to have a look at the picturesque coastline and island views of this wonderful region.